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Meet VaderDarth Vader is a 205lb pure bred Cane Corso Mastiff.  He's truly a majestic animal with his gorgeous brindle coat and wonderful personality. He is NOT good with other animals, dogs or cats especially.  He absolutely adores children though and is very gentle with them. His tail is a lethal weapon.  It wags constantly and will knock over any open containers you have on the coffee table.  Vader is house trained, not destructive at all when left alone, loves car rides, and knows basic commands but does pull on a leash.  He's actually fantastic when off his leash though and stays right next to you.    Vader adores playing with his now deflated soccer ball and will fetch pretty much anything you throw for him.  He knows that he is too big to be a lap dog but he will still try to get as close to you as possible.  He is literally a big mushy pile of love that loves to snuggle and follow his people around the house, especially "his kid".  When we brought him home, he immediately made himself right at home and was immediately protective of his new house and family.  He will give the scariest bark I've ever heard if someone so much as passes by the house.  But when introduced to a new person, he's all about big sloppy kisses.  Vader will make a wonderful addition to an active family with kids and no other animals

Mandi is AND ALWAYS WILL BE part of the HOPE DOG PROGRAM!!  For more information on the Hope Dogs - go to www.hopedogs.org


Mandi!  ADOPTED!

Mandi is a great sucess story.  She lived the first part of her life in a puppymill, now spending her time with her family, playing and loving life!  Thanks so much to her foster mom Dawn and the Hope Dog program!

SHELBY HAS BEEN ADOPTED FROM HOPE DOG PROGRAM AND IS NOW IN HER FOREVER HOME!  Thanks to Kelly and Linda at the HOPE dog program for all the good work they do for the dogs!


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Our dogs come to us from homes, breeders, strays and shelters.  We don't know the background of many of the dogs that come to PA Boxers. We can only "guesstimate" the age of those dogs. And we try to learn as much as possible about the dogs from our foster homes so that we can best inform the adoptive homes of what we know.  This helps us make the best match possible so that our dogs find that "forever home" that they need!Size is also subjective according to individuals. Here's a chart on how we base our assessments:

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May vary based on age, health, and/or breed. The adoption fee is normally listed with the dog listing.