The information requested in these forms will assist us in helping to find a loving home to adopt your dog or help with matching you to the right dog for your family, needs and lifestyle.  We take this responsibility seriously and will not adopt out to any home when we cannot feel totally confident of the adopters willingness and ability (financial and personal) to commit to a boxers future well-being and happiness.

An adoption fee is required at the time of the signing of the contract.  This fee is non refundable for any reason. Throughout the life of the Boxer, if any reason should arise where you are unable to keep the dog, we require that you notify our rescue of the availability of him/her and to return the adopted pet upon request.  We strongly recommend that this puppy be micro chipped for safety.  Please realize that you are not at liberty to dispose of this puppy in any way, except to return her/him to us. The dog may not be sold, given away, put in a shelter or euthanized without the knowledge and permission of rescue.

We also strongly recommend that you take your new dog to the vet within the first 2 weeks of adoption so that your vet has all his/her information on file.

This Application is the first step in a process that we anticipate will culminate in the placement of a healthy and temperamentally sound Boxer into your home as a new family member. Understand that PA Boxers Inc, or property where adoptions are held is not responsible for anything that takes place or is adopted from their property and should not be contacted in any case. The rescue holds the responsibility of what is adopted out.

Adoption fees may vary based on age, health, and/or breed. The adoption fee is normally listed with the dog listing. The adoption fee will be collected at the time of delivery of your dog.

No information offered on this form by you will be given to third parties for any purpose.

We reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone, for any reason, at any time.
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(PDF forms are listed below. Return all completed PDF forms using this link. PDF forms must be saved locally on your PC/MAC then attached to an email.)

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DocumentAdoption ApplicationAdoption Application Form | Complete this form if you are applying for an adoption. ONLINE FORM IS AVAILABLE - SEE ABOVE
DocumentAdoption Agreement FormAdoption Agreement Form | (ONLY) Complete this form WHEN the adoption has been approved.
Foster Home Application Form